Scientist, Engineer, Inventor
Dr. Alexander Bell, USA
Dr. A. Bell

A. Bell, Washington D.C.

Dr. Alexander Bell is world-renowned scientist, engineer, inventor living in New York City, USA He is a founder and CEO of Infosoft International Inc, high-tech consulting Company that he started in 1998. Prior to starting our Company, Dr. Bell held multiple managerial position in the US and worldwide. His creativity led to 37 inventions and 300+ hi-tech articles, published in the US publications and translated in many foreign languages.

Dr.Bell participated in "App Innovation Contest" AIC-2012 and AIC-2013 and received multiple awards for his application software submissions, including: "Edumatter-M12", "Volta-2013" and "PaydayNY-2014" for Windows 7 and 8. He holds a "Legend" status at and "Unsung Hero" of

Beyond his corporate duties and responsibilities, Dr. Bell is devoted to digital photo, music and video. He is credited for development of the most popular YouTube API for ASP.NET, topping Google search for many years.

Dr. A. Bell holds PhD and MS with major in Electrical Engineering and IT. He was 9 times awarded for the "Best Design Ideas" by EDN and Electronic Design Magazines. He holds a 'Legend' title on popular developers network.

Dr. A. Bell, Google cached search

Dr. Alexander Bell, topping Google search list

Dr. Bell is always open to new business initiatives, particular in hi-tech, educational technologies, energy research and quantitative analytics.